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HVL offers a strong academic program that meets or exceeds nearly all state and collegiate requirements. HVL students consistently score well above local, state and national averages on the ACT and other standardized tests. Over the last five years, 100% of HVL graduates have continued their education beyond high school. However, more important than any of these things is the fact that Christ is at the center of all that we teach in any academic area.

ACT ScoresHVL students receive a great amount of individual attention from teachers because of our small student-to-teacher ratio. For the last ten years, 95% of HVL graduates have continued their studies at the college level. This statistic is phenomenal and one of which we are proud. Along the same lines, our MME and ACT scores are consistently higher than state and national norms.

Christian parents obviously have the ultimate goal of seeing their child in heaven. The most important blessing your child will receive at HVL is four years of Bible study. The high school years are filled with challenges, and students many times look for help from teachers and advisors. Our campus pastor, Matt Schaewe, often provides Christian counseling and advice to students as do many of our HVL teachers. Besides a structured four-year Bible curriculum, students have the opportunity to gather for daily chapel as well.

Course Selections

Course information can be found in the SCHOOL HANDBOOK 2017-2018.

Course selections also include dual enrollment, AP, Honors and Elective choices described below.

Click here to see a class map of courses offered at HVL – Class Map

Free College Dual Enrollment and AP, Honors and Elective Online Courses

For the most part, HVL’s curriculum features the core academic courses needed to prepare students for college. However, to enhance our course offerings with more variety, a large number of online courses are also available from the sources listed below:


For Free College Dual Enrollment:

For AP, Honors and Elective Online Courses:

  • ALHSO is a program of online courses taught by teachers at Lutheran High Schools around the nation.
  • Michigan Virtual High School is a complete virtual accredited school with a wide variety of courses available.
  • Oxford Virtual Academy is a complete virtual accredited school with many courses available.

For details and course offerings, see our Online Course Handbook

Graduation Requirements

Listed below are the required amount of credits in each subject and the total credits required for graduation.

Religion – – 4.0 credits
Math – – 4.0 credits 
Science – – 3.0 credits
English – – 4.0 credits
Social Studies – – 4.0 credits
Physical Ed – – 1.6 credits
Technology Ed. – – .4 credits
Music (.5 credits) and Fine Arts (.5 credits) – – 1.0 
Electives – – 1.6 credits
Foreign Language (same) – – 2.0