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The ACT test is given six times a year, and most students begin taking this test their junior year of high school. Today, the ACT scores are very important and are used in determining college admissions, scholarships, and even out-of-state tuition.

The 2015-2016 ACT test dates are listed below.  HVL will administer the test on one of the dates at HVL, April 9, 2016.  Your student may take the test on this date or sign up to take the test at a nearby location by checking site locations at  You can register online for the ACT test at  Fees for the test are listed below.   Although the state of Michigan has contracted to administer the SAT in public schools, the ACT will continue to be accepted at colleges and universities.  Students wishing to take the SAT may register for this test online at

sat-act-prep Beginning in 2015-2016, Huron Valley Lutheran High School has provided your child with access to Method Test Prep, an online course that helps students build their math, reading, writing, and SAT/ACT test prep skills.  Students can listen to math, verbal and writing tutorials and each tutorial is accompanied by a quiz to test student mastery.  The program is highly adaptive and keeps track of a student’s strengths and weaknesses.  Students have access to a large pool of practice questions and receive instant feedback upon completion of each question.  This feedback includes easy-to-understand explanations.  In addition, students are able to take two ACT prep tests.  Parents and students will be provided a link and passwords to monitor and prepare for the test.  Method Test Prep is a good fit for any type of student.  The website can be accessed at any time of day or night most convenient to the student.  Method Test Prep is designed to be used independently or as a supplement to other SAT or ACT prep.  Method Test Prep also produces a grehqdefaultat blog and Facebook page that offers test taking tips/strategies as well as useful information regarding the SAT/ACT.  Join the blog:  Follow them on Facebook:  Parents are encouraged to go to where you can take a tour of the website.





How Do I Sign Up for the ACT?

Online registration is the fastest method. You will know immediately if your preferred test center has space for you to test, and you also can print your admission ticket from the website. How you sign up depends on where and how you plan to test: please see below for how to register.

Reminder: You need to register by mail only if you are younger than 13 or cannot pay by credit card.

Also check the detailed list of current ACT Fees and Services.

  Test fee per test option

ACT (No Writing)


Includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices (if valid codes are provided when you register).

ACT with writing


Includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices (if valid codes are provided when you register). The $17.00 writing test fee is refundable, on written request, if you are absent on test day or switch to the ACT (No Writing) before testing begins.