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My name is Matt Foley and I am the principal at Huron Valley Lutheran High School.  HVL exists to provide a high-quality, Christ-centered education for each child. Our small size and our dedicated faculty and staff contribute to making that mission come to life.  Low student to teacher ratios allow for greater individual attention from teachers and give opportunities for every student to participate in sports, clubs and extracurriculars.

For the last ten years, 95% of HVL graduates have continued their studies at the college level. This statistic is phenomenal and one of which we are proud. Along the same lines, our ACT/SAT scores are consistently higher than state and national norms.

Some parents have the misconception that in order for students to get a sports or academic scholarship, they’ll be recognized more easily in a large school. The opposite is true. HVL students are regularly recruited by colleges for sports and academic ability. The HVL senior salutatorian has for many years received a full ride scholarship at Wayne State. Each year our students have the opportunity to meet with recruiters from Michigan State, Western Michigan University, University of Michigan, Central Michigan University, Martin Luther College and other colleges which actively recruit on our campus.

Some parents are surprised at the number of electives we offer. On our website is a complete listing of our course offerings along with other information about our high school. Some HVL electives are Business Accounting; Spanish; Yearbook; Art; Weight-Training; Calculus; Band; and others. In addition, HVL offers a program for students to enroll in over 100 different online classes, as well as dual enrollment classes that receive transcripted credits from area colleges.

HVL sports opportunities include basketball, cheerleading, track, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, and golf. Besides sports, HVL students can easily become involved with programs like a traveling choir, drama productions, pep band, student council, etc. Students often comment on how much they appreciate the lasting friendships formed and the fond memories of all of the events and activities.

Christian parents obviously have the ultimate goal of seeing their child in heaven. The most important blessing your child will receive at HVL is four years of Bible study. The high school years are filled with challenges, and students many times look for help from teachers and advisors. Our staff often provides Christian counseling and advice to students. Besides a structured four-year Bible curriculum, students have the opportunity to gather for daily chapel as well.

HVL believes that no child should be denied a Christian education based on financial hardships. Because of this, HVL offers a robust financial assistance program. If finances are a concern, we have a plan for you to make enrollment possible. (Learn more about Financial Aid)

There are many ways for you to learn more about our high school. I would encourage you to continue to explore our website, schedule a shadow visit, or set up a tour with the principal.  I look forward to meeting you and discussing all the ways an education at HVL can make a difference in your child’s life.

God’s Blessings,

Matt Foley

HVL Principal


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