• <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Welcome to HVL!</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href=''>HVL is a Christian high school which is a nationally accredited exemplary school through the National Council for Private School Accreditation</a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>International Student Program</h1>			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://www.hvlhs.org/programs/international-students/'>We have a diverse student body.  Our international student program is excellent and affordable. </a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Athletics</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://www.hvlhs.org/programs/athletics/'>HVL encourages students to use their God given talents and abilities outside the regular classroom setting in athletic activities.</a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Fine Arts</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://www.hvlhs.org/programs/fine-arts/'>HVL's fine arts programs encourage students to cultivate their musical abilities.</a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Academics</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://www.hvlhs.org/programs/academics/'>HVL offers a strong academic program that meets or exceeds nearly all state and collegiate requirements.</a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Walking with Christ</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href=''>Christ is at the center of all that we teach in any academic area.</a>

Huron Valley Lutheran High School ~ Westland, MI

Huron Valley Lutheran High School provides a quality Christian secondary education for grades 9-12 in Southeast Michigan.

HVL is Nationally Accredited through the National Council for Private School Accreditation

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Huron Valley Lutheran High School, in partnership with families and Association churches, exists to provide each student with a quality Christ-centered education, preparing them for lives of service now and for eternity.

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In order to fulfill this mission, HVL will strive to be faithful stewards of God’s gifts and resources as we provide a quality secondary educational curriculum in light of God’s Word so that students may grow and develop academically, physically, socially and spiritually.

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Thank you for your interest in HVL. Students who attend HVL will receive all the tools so that upon graduation students can continue the next phase of their life confident in their abilities and educational experiences.

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  • This school is great from the teachers to the students.

  • I love it here, the small environment makes it so much easier to learn. The teachers care so much about the students. I honestly believe that I am getting the best possible education. I think that the small classes and having a small school in general make learning so much easier. - Posted by Student/Alumni

  • HVL has been a huge blessing to my two children (senior and freshman). Their teachers know them as immature freshmen up to maturing near-adults, guiding them as they go. They have been super active in a lot of extra-curriculars that they would not have otherwise have had access to. And ultimately, my kids are happy to go to school, which means a lot.

  • I have had one student graduate from HVL and have another one attending. The college that my graduate is attending says that he has a good foundation for writing and also has a good foundation in other subjects. HVL offers many opportunities to each student. The teachers are willing to go the extra mile with students to help them to be successful and prepared for college.